Jeffrey Dean Morgan: What if Negan Was ‘The Walking Dead’ Hero?

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Granted, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a bad guy on The Walking Dead. In fact, as each episode of this season airs, it becomes increasingly arguable that the leather-clad leader of the Saviors appears to be aiming for pop culture’s villain of the year. But in a new interview, Morgan was asked how the show would change if it began with Negan and not Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his answer is worth pondering.

That’s easy because then he’d be the hero and no one would be angry at Negan right now,” he told ABC News. “They would just think ‘Wow what a guy. Look at how he keeps everyone alive.’”

It’s hard to argue, at least at this point, that Negan’s maniacal methods aren’t working for the Saviors. They take what they want from other communities and evoke fear and exact “justice” if their demands aren’t met. They all live by a code and seemingly worship the ground Negan walks on.

Is the only solution to surviving to sneak away in the night, like the all-female seaside community? Or simply giving Negan what he wants? The price to co-exist with his community has already taken an enormous toll on Alexandria and the Hilltop.

With The Governor (David Morrissey), the plan was always maintaining a safe community even if the methods were pretty horrific. With Negan all bets are off. Perhaps it’s that unpredictability that has Morgan convinced Negan would win if he ever faced off against the leader of Woodbury.

“The Governor. Morrissey,” he responded when asked who he’d love to see Negan battle, then quickly stating that Negan would be a clear winner. “There’s no one that’s going to take Negan at this point. To me, I think Negan is the villain of villains that’s been introduced in this world.”

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