Obama and Biden Bromance Is for Real, According to Their Wives, and We Believe It

Michelle Obama on Her Time with Barack Obama in the White House: ‘It Has Definitely Brought Us Closer’
In mere weeks, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama will bid farewell to the White House and return to living their private lives

The Obama presidency is nearing its end, but it looks like President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will continue their long-standing bromance.

First Lady Michelle Obama joked with People, “They’ll go for long walks, looking into each other’s eyes.” Dr. Jill Biden laughingly added, “They’re going to be eating ice cream together somewhere, I’m sure.”

All kidding (and some of the best memes ever) aside, Jill says her husband has “a truly beautiful friendship” with the president. “And I don’t think we’ve really seen a lot of that, especially in politics. But I think they really love one another.”

Michelle said her husband finds “real joy” spending time with Joe, having lunch or using the White House putting green.

She added, Biden is “somebody that he respects and admires. It’s the best decision that Barack has made as president of the United States, picking Joe and Bidens as our partners in this journey.”

Oh man, we are going to miss them all so much.