Celebuzz’d 038: Get the Scoop on Kristin Cavallari’s Cookbook and Look Back on 2016

In addition to good food, Kristin Cavallari knows exactly what you need to get through the holiday season without sprouting another gray hair.

The Balancing in Heels author’s personal résumé boasts ample experience when it comes to staying grounded amid a flurry of projects in her career and in her household. She’s writing a cookbook that’s due out next March and, of her experience assembling it, she tells us, “I’m having the time of my life.” Cavallari admits on this episode of the Celebuzz’d podcast that she’s only just begun writing the book’s copy. She’s currently in the recipe-testing stage of cookbook development. “I’ve actually just started writing actual words,” she says. “I can’t wait to share this with everybody.”

Cavallari says that cooking is a hobby that only arrived in her life after she had her first son with her husband, Jay Cutler. “I had this vision of myself of the mom who cooks every night and the family sat down for dinner together every night,” says Cavallari. “I was horrible. I was so bad.” Still, she pushed through with perseverance. The second recipe that she ever attempted was an ambitious endeavor: homemade ravioli.

“I had a lot of fails, to say the least, but I just kept cooking because that’s who I wanted to be.”

Her forthcoming cookbook will focus on recipes that nourish the body without tasting bland. For instance, close your eyes and imagine the taste of her brown rice linguine pasta with scallops, shrimp and vegetables — the first original recipe she ever succeeded in cooking on her own that will be shared in her book. Cavallari’s culinary arsenal prizes recipes like this that use “better-for-you” ingredients and keep her family’s health in check, but you’ll never catch her counting calories or cutting cheese and pasta out of her diet.

“Eighty percent of the time I eat really healthy and the other twenty percent I eat whatever I want, I indulge. I don’t think twice about it, but that way, I’m able to get back on track and I’m excited to get back on track and I never feel deprived,” she says.

While cooking with her boys and testing dessert recipes will create fun memories for her and her family this holiday season, she relies on Young Living Essential Oils products to stay centered during this hectic season. Her favorite items include their Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser,  Lavender Essential Oil and Thieves Essential Oil. Her secret is applying their oils to the bottom of her feet because it is absorbed more quickly into your bloodstream that way.

Listen to Cavallari’s interview in this episode of the Celebuzz’d podcast below to learn more about her cookbook and her favorite Young Living products. Plus, after our check-in with Cavallari, Celebuzz staffers Mia Lardiere and Matt Russoniello offer a sneak peek at our upcoming “Best of 2016″ lists that round up the best movies, music, and TV shows that were released this year and look back on 2016’s memorable moments in pop culture.

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