WATCH: Cole Swindell Reveals the Meaning Behind ‘Six Pack Lines’

Country singer Cole Swindell opens up about the third installment of Down Home Sessions EP.

In a video provided exclusively to Celebuzz, the 33-year-old reveals the meaning behind “Six Pack Lines,” a song on the five-track record. According to him, the ditty was left off of his two full-length albums because it didn’t mesh with the other songs — until now.

“This is the perfect time, I think, for it,” he says. “It fits in with kinda the theme of this EP.”

“This is a song about saying, ‘You know, girl, I’m not just having a couple of beers, getting my courage up and saying things that aren’t true. This is coming from the heart,'” he continues. “I’m so thankful for this song.”

He adds, “I think it’s going to be a lot of the ladies’ favorite, but who knows though?”

Down Home Sessions III is out now.