Gigi Hadid Reveals She Has a Thyroid Disease and How She’s Handling It

Gigi Hadid Screams to Release Stress, Has Never Taken a Sick Day
Why spend a fortune on acupuncture when you can just scream into the ocean for free.

Gigi Hadid recently opened up about some health issues she’s been dealing with the last few years.

Speaking with Elle magazine, Hadid said she has a thyroid condition. “My metabolism actually changed like crazy this year. I have Hashimoto’s disease. It’s a thyroid disease, and it’s now been two years since taking the medication for it, so for the [Victoria’s Secret] show I didn’t want to lose any more weight, I just want to have muscles in the right place, and if my butt can get a little perkier, then that’s good.”

To stay in shape, Hadid boxes. “What’s great about boxing is that I couldn’t come to New York and sign up for Equinox, and go running. It was not good. So, I knew I needed to find something that gave me a coach, gave me a family… so that when I walk in, it’s like my big brothers. They’re like ‘what up!’ They don’t care about who I am. That’s what I needed, and they don’t care about what my body looks like. They care that I give a good punch, and that’s how I want to be judged. That’s what makes me proud of myself.

Reebok And Gigi Hadid Present #PerfectNever Revolution - Combat Workout
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Hadid also recently participated in a Reebok #PerfectNever panel, with Olympic medalist Aly Raisman, Lena Dunham, Zoë  Kravitz and Ruby Rose, moderated by the Olympic medalist and the first female broadcaster in pro baseball history, Jessica Mendoza. Check it out below!

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