WATCH: Mariah Carey Explains Why She Only Allows Photographers to Shoot Her Right Side

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Mariah Carey is known for a seemingly endless list of R&B hits, a penchant for things that sparkle and a signature pose. You know the one; it’s when she turns her seductively to the right. In a clip from Sunday’s episode of Mariah’s World, the diva explains where this habit came from.

“When I was 19 and I was at the record company doing my first photo shoot, the lady goes, she’s looking at the pictures after we did them and she goes ‘This is your good side,'” Carey tells her makeup artist Kristofer as he applies eyeshadow. “‘Only let people photograph you from your good side, ever.'”

Whoever that woman was, she got teenage Mariah’s attention. The singer also looked at the photos and agreed.

I look at the photos and I didn’t like them from that side, either,” she admitted. “And I stuck with it because that was her job.”

Now decades later that right-sided look is practically part of Carey’s persona, though nowadays she doesn’t mind showing the world the left side of her face; that is if the lighting guy knows what he’s doing!

“I don’t hate it when it’s well-lit,” she explained. “They just have to light it.”

Here’s the clip:

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