Megan Mullally Says There’s a ‘Very Good Chance’ ‘Will & Grace’ Will Get a Revival 

REPORT: A New Season of ‘Will & Grace' Could Actually Be Happening
According to Deadline, talks are underway to possibly bring back Will & Grace!

In September, the cast of Will & Grace reunited for an election-themed mini-episode, which received six million views on YouTube and got everyone wondering, “Why isn’t a Will & Grace revival happening?” If you’re among the devoted who would love more time with the show’s lovable foursome, then you’re going to like what Megan Mullally said in a new interview!

“All I can say is that there is a very good chance that that might happen,” she told PrideSource when asked about revival rumors. “It’s not happening right this second. I mean, we’re not rehearsing or anything like that. But there is a very good chance that something is going to materialize.”

Mullally then pivoted to what could hypothetically happen, which is a magical frame of mind when considering the beloved show’s hopeful return.

“So speaking theoretically, in a completely made-up world where Will & Grace is coming back to NBC for ten episodes – just in that made-up world – it couldn’t be a better time,” she said.

In October, insiders began reporting that championing a reboot of the ‘90s sitcom began happening but at the time nearly all the details needed ironing out, with Deadline of the mind that the project would most like land at Netflix considering their track record with reinventing older shows.

During the interview, the 57-year-old actress also mentioned the soon-to-be inaugurated President of the United States when considering a revival’s comedic potential.

“I mean, it couldn’t possibly be better timing,” she continued. “I think more so now than even when we started! And who would have ever – I mean, it’s heinous that it’s because Donald Trump is the president-elect. That’s just a crazy sentence that nobody would have ever thought they’d utter. But having said that, at the same time, that just gives us carte blanche.”