A Film About Megyn Kelly, Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment Allegations Is in the Works

The sexual harassment allegations brought against Roger Ailes by Megyn Kelly and other female Fox employees inspired a film that will be written by Oscar-winning screenwriter Charles Randolph (The Big Short).

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film’s story will focus on the obstacles that Kelly and Gretchen Carlson, the latter of whom sued the former Fox chairman for sexual harassment. Randolph has not yet secured the life rights of the film’s subjects, but sources tell Deadline that Ailes is a “substantial character in the film, along with the newswomen who lobbed accusations at him,” which Ailes has denied. When the project was being shopped around Hollywood, there was discussion that Amy Adams might play Ailes’ wife, leading some to believe that the ensemble will be similar in its structure to The Big Short.

Kelly wrote about her encounters of sexual harassment from Ailes in her memoir Settle for More, including one incident when Ailes repeatedly tried to grab her and kiss her. “The women of Fox News who, with their stiletto shoes and nerves of steel, formed an underground army of sorts, and at great risk to their livelihoods, brought down a very powerful serial sexual harasser,” said Kelly at an event for the Hollywood Reporter this week.

Randolph’s project is the second of its kind to be green-lit after it was announced that a limited series for TV by Spotlight co-writer/director Tom McCarthy, Gabriel Sherman and Jennifer Stahl based on Sherman’s book The Loudest Voice in the Room about Ailes’ alleged sexual harassment.