41 More Affordable Alternatives to Goop’s Gift Guide for Lovers

Shop the more reasonably priced alternatives to the Lover’s Goop Gift Guide below!

Goop’s annual gift guides are out! Get ready to spend way out of your pay grade once again. A $765 pair of leather gloves, and my personal favorite, a $350 feather earring. Singular. This particular guide,The Lover’s Gift Guide, is captioned, “This goes out to the naughty list”. Consisting of various items from lingerie and bath soaks to vibrators and sex dust (very appropriately named), this list caters to couples and everything sensual.  Get the same type of gifts named in this years guide but, much more reasonably priced below!


The Goop Gift Guide features lingerie from luxury brands like La Perla and Fleur de Mal. Sheer over the knee and anklet socks from Rihanna’s collaboration with Stance are a part of the guide as well. They are all amazing pieces not gonna lie, but spending over $20 on bras, panties, and socks sounds like bad idea (to my bank account at least) if you aren’t making Gwyneth Paltrow bucks. Your lingerie can still look great on a budget, get the same look with the ten items below, your lingerie can still look great on a budget.


In addition to luxury lingerie, it is only fitting that luxury robes made the Goop guide. A $595 Fleur du Mal kimono would make me feel nice for one night but have me regretting the purchase for a much longer time. Spend your money more reasonably on affordable kimonos and robes to accent your lingerie. Have a look at the eleven alternatives below.


A bit of sparkle and shine makes anyone feel good. That is why jewelry is so popular and Goop has some pieces of jewelry ready for you to wear for the small price of a few hundred dollars. The most ridiculous piece of jewelry that is on this guide is a feather earring for $350! One earring! Not only can you find more affordable earrings you can find both earrings for less than $350.  The guide also featured a necklace with “love” written on the pendant in braille. What a cute idea! However the price of $1,467 is not cute at all. Check out the six affordable pieces below.

Bath and Body

A lover’s guide would not be complete with out body oils and bath products. If you cant shell out $80 for a body oil don’t worry, most of us have-nots can’t either. Certainly, there are some cheaper bath and body products that are just as soothing and sensual as the ones featured on the Goop list. Consider these six options.


When being romantic, food plays a big role. There are many aphrodisiacs in food and the Goop Guide reminds you of the two most popular- chocolate and oysters. There is a organic chocolate making kit for $79 and an oyster plate costing $112 in this years guide. As an alternative, you can get other do-it-yourself kits that are more cost effective and will still satisfy your sweet tooth. Also, $112 for one plate just does not seem right. Although, a plate made specifically to hold oysters is nice to have, plates and pans like these can be purchased at a lower price. Here are some oyster holders and chocolate kits for you to choose from.

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