WATCH: Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson Surprise ‘Tonight Show’ Staffer with the Ultimate Holiday Gift

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On Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Dwayne Johnson and host Jimmy Fallon did something pretty amazing for one of the Tonight Show’s staffers.

As a complete surprise, they reunited producer Karina Kabalan, an Army vet, with her Air Force master sergeant husband, Todd Kabalan, who has been away for the last year and a half.

It started off with Johnson telling Fallon he wanted to give back to a military family this holiday season, and when the two got up, they walked past the audience into the producers’ booth. Karina immediately asked “What is happening right now?”

Johnson said, “I heard you met your husband when you were both deployed Iraq… You guys have been living apart for the past year and a half because he is 5,000 miles away. We wanted to thank you and your husband for your service and your sacrifice. And I personally heard you are the most amazing person and we wanted to bring your husband home for you for the holidays.”

“Turn around and hug your husband,” Johnson said, as Katrina burst into tears and embraced him. Grab some tissues!

Even Fallon admitted he was having a hard time holding back tears. “Oh, man, I’m losing it right now,” he said and later tweeted, “I can’t believe we pulled that off.” Watch the whole thing above!