Best of 2016: 18 More of Year’s Greatest Music Videos

Best Music Videos Part One
Check out the best videos from earlier in 2016.

Earlier, we compiled a list of the 24 best music videos of the year (so far). Today, we’re back with a look at the best of the rest of 2016.

There’s more Beyoncé (of course), a touch of Ariana Grande, some Britney Spears, and… well, let’s just get to it, shall we?  (Any of your favorite videos released before April are likely included in Part One, so check that out before you yell at us for omitting “Formation” or “Work.”)

Below, watch our favorite music videos from the second half of 2016 again (and again and again). Please note, the following list is presented in no particular order.

Beyoncé – “Hold Up”

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is best enjoyed when watched in full, but one undeniable breakout moment is “Hold Up,” which sees Bey sashaying down the street and going HAM with a baseball bat. It is a perfect pop music video, and that it is but one part of a larger visual narrative makes it even more remarkable. – Matt, Managing Editor

John Legend – “Love Me Now”

This music video by Nabil Elderkin offers a global perspective of what love looks like all across the world, tying in images of venues where the most poignant events in 2016 occurred, such as Rock and Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. Plus, there’s a cameo from Baby Luna. – Mia, Multimedia Content Producer

Beyoncé – “Sorry”

Serena Williams twerks while Beyoncé sits in a throne. Must I go on? - Jelani, Editor

Kanye West – “Famous”

Kanye West is obsessed with fame as much as he’s obsessed with famous people obsessed with fame. And he made a video about it. – Michael, Editor-in-Chief

OK Go – “One Moment”

It doesn’t matter that the band is making a music video for a single that’s two years old. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like their music. All that matters is that the visuals are mind-blowingly amazing. The entire video is consists of 4.2 seconds of real-time footage slowed down 20,000 percent to accompany the song. It’s impressive what the band can do in that short of a time. – Gabi, Senior Editor

Japanese Breakfast – “Everybody Wants to Love You”

Michelle Zauner truly marches to her own beat and relishes the bizarre and wonderful things that surface in the process. This video is a testament to that wild artistic freedom. In it, she gallivants around town playing pool and munching on food while dressed as a geisha. And her unabashed enthusiasm in simply infectious. – Scott, Editor

Mitski – “Your Best American Girl”

The very real power of Mitski’s “Your Best American Girl” video is that it takes such a profoundly silly image — a woman making out with her own hand — and turns it into an empowering, emotional gut-punch. – Matt, Managing Editor

Kanye West – “Fade”

I will give you two words to justify my choice of this music video as one of the best of 2016, those two words being “Teyana Taylor.” – Mia, Multimedia Content Producer

Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj – “Side to Side”

I, like Lena Dunham, had literally no idea what “Side to Side” was about, so I was initially confused by the riding bikes thing. But once I learned, I couldn’t get enough. The video is hilariously literal and mostly ridiculous (why is Ariana Grande wearing boxing shorts and pumps?!), but somehow still sexy af. Grande and Nicki Minaj are a perfect pairing. – Jelani, Editor

Frank Ocean – “Nikes”

The return of Frank Ocean was everything you hoped it would be in this older and bolder version of himself and in this one vividly wild music video. – Michael, Editor-in-Chief

Bruno Mars – “24K Magic”

Like an actual trip to Las Vegas, this video is just so fun. It just captures the energy of Sin City to a tee. – Gabi, Senior Editor

ANOHNI – “Drone Bomb Me”

Like the rest of her album Hopelessness, this track is ethereal yet loaded with insightful, empathic commentary about politics and modern warfare. Pairing ominous tones with extreme close-ups of beautiful people while she asks to be drone bombed on the track is not meant to go down easily and that’s the point. – Scott, Editor

Radiohead – “Burn The Witch”

This claymation take on The Wicker Man is so appropriate for the 2016 world we live in it’s almost too appropriate, y’know? – Matt, Managing Editor

Solange – “Cranes in the Sky”

Shiona Turni’s styling of this rich visual component, directed by Knowles and her husband Alan Ferguson, brings texture to the narrative that plays with color and space. - Mia, Multimedia Content Producer

Simply gorgeous. Each scene is posed and like an artwork, traveling from stunning backdrop to stunning backdrop like a moving painting. – Michael, Editor-in-Chief

Angel Olsen – “Shut Up Kiss Me”

Are you in the market for a sparkly silver wig? You will be after watching Angel Olsen’s striking, playful “Shut Up Kiss Me” video. – Matt, Managing Editor

The Weeknd – “Starboy”

What a way to debut your new album! The video starts off with The Weekend, with his signature Beauty Behind the Madness ‘do, tied to a chair before he’s suffocated by a shadowy figure. The unknown assailant is then shown to be The Weekend, now with his Starboy haircut, as he takes a neon cross and destroys all the trophies and accolades he was awarded for his last record. It’s kind of a cool visual way to see how The Weekend has evolved — quite literally — as an artist. – Gabi, Senior Editor

Britney Spears ft. Tinashe – “Slumber Party”

“Slumber Party” is peak Britney Spears! Her best music video in 10 years, hands down.- Jelani, Editor

Rae Srermmurd ft. Gucci Mane – “Black Beatles”

Not a Mannequin Challenge in sight! – Gabi, Senior Editor

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