Update on Kim Kardashian Robbery: Police Still Struggling to Find Those Responsible 

It’s now been two months since Kim Kardashian was bound and robbed at gunpoint in Paris, rocking the fashion industry and far beyond. Now, a law enforcement official has come forward to admit that, despite the resources being allocated to get to the bottom of the case, they are not even close to bringing charges to a suspect.

Two months on and we’re nowhere near finding who the robbers are,” a Paris judicial police source told Us Weekly.

While admitting that the lack of answers at this point is “strange,” the insider insisted this type of investigation typically takes longer than anyone expects.

“You could call it strange, but actually it can take months, even years to solve a heist mystery. There’s a lot that goes on beyond the initial evidence collecting… It can take a long time.”

Kim is reportedly still coping with trauma caused by the terrifying robbery. There are reports that the incident was also a contributing factor to her husband Kanye West’s exhaustion and, ultimately, his hospitalization.