Mariah Carey Reveals Which Relationship Left Her Feeling Isolated Like Rapunzel

Mariah Carey’s tumultuous love life has been an ever-present part of her public persona throughout her career. She and James Packer’s breakup and her new fling with dancer Bryan Tanaka have driven headlines for months. And on Sunday’s episode of Mariah’s World, the songstress revealed that even early in her career she found herself in an unusual and troubling relationship.

“I was with someone at the time that had a lot of control over my life,” she said, via Entertainment Tonight. “He was older than me by a lot and had a lot of power and they wanted me to remain away from most people, like sequestered.”

Jermaine Dupri, a frequent collaborator of Carey’s for years, also weighed in on the bizarre relationship, even likening her to a fairy-tale princess locked away in a tower.

“I’ve been around her when she was Rapunzel and she was in this big-ass castle,” he said.

Carey’s first marriage was to record executive Tommy Mottola, from 1993 to 1997. In a 2013 interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, Mottola admitted to being “controlling.”

“Well I think that anyone that is successful becomes obsessive with what they are trying to succeed at,” Mottola said at the time. “If I seemed like I was controlling let me apologize.”

The 46-year-old singer went on to explain that the experience was also emotionally taxing, leaving her with hopeless thoughts.

“I had to get permission to leave,” Carey said of the relationship, adding that she feared she’d eventually be “haunting that house, dead.”

“I never thought I would get out of there,” she added.

But the songstress was much more light-hearted as she reconnected with her future-beau Tanaka on last night’s episode. They embraced and laughed nervously as they got re-acquainted in her dressing room.

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