34 More Reasonably Priced Options to Goop’s The Thinker Gift Guide

Find the creative person in your life an affordable gift that are just as effective as the ones on the Goop guides!

We all have that person in our lives that is extremely difficult to buy gifts for. They are creative and smart and we have no idea what to get them. Goop has created a gift guide for this person exactly. The Thinker Gift Guide is one of the gift guides that Gwyneth Paltrow’s publication ,Goop, puts out annually. This guide is great for the people in your life that are usually hard to please. However Goop guides are not so great for your wallet since they are known for being expensive. With items like a $1,250 ashtray and lighter set, a $529 satchel, and a $100 mechanical pencil on this goop guide, holiday expenses will be out of this world. Luckily, there are cheaper options that are just as good as the ones featured on this years thinker gift guide. Take a look at them below!


Satchels are great gifts for a thinker, especially if they carry around a bunch of papers, books, or a laptop. They are usually leather which calls for a slightly higher price point but $529 is excessive. There is also another satchel option priced at $365 which is in fact lower so you can tell they were trying to give you a more “affordable” option. But they did’nt trying hard enough, here are eight options mostly under $100 to consider.


A puzzle is a good gift to help your thinker keep on thinking. Puzzles are a great brain exercise, and one puzzle is listed at a not so great price of $99 puzzle on the Goop guide. Granted, the featured puzzles are aesthetically pleasing and have a modern twist on regular puzzles which is fitting to give as a gift. Yet, it would be even cooler if you can get similar puzzles for a cheaper price. Take a look at the seven puzzles below.

Instant Cameras

Cameras are great to capture memories and are even greater when you don’t have wait to upload the pictures onto your computer to share them with your friends, or even more time consuming- having them developed.  That is why instant cameras are the latest camera craze and make great gifts. Contrary to Goop’s Guide, there are cheaper instant cameras on the market than $300. Here are six of them.


Taking a breather from the tech talk, some people still appreciate the good old pencil to paper interaction. I am not sure if they appreciate a $115 memo holder and a $100 pencil. (Sorry Goop). Consider these more practical six stationery items instead.


A lighter eventually runs out of lighter fluid. An ashtray catches ashes. Not to say these items shouldn’t look good, they just shouldn’t come in $1,250 sets. And they don’t usually. You can still have a unique looking, conversation starting, lighter and ashtray but, for cheaper the cost. Take a look at the seven ashtrays below.

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