‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Mid-Season 7 Finale

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: What if Negan Was 'The Walking Dead' Hero?
Granted, Negan is a bad guy on The Walking Dead, but what if?

If it’s a war they want… The Walking Dead mid-season finale on Sunday (Dec. 11, 2016) was a slow burn — and included some gruesome deaths — but the end result is leaving us feeling pumped for what’s to come.

[Stop now if you haven’t had a chance to watch the episode yet]

The episode “Hearts Still Beating” starts off with Maggie and Hilltop leader Gregory having words. It looks like Gregory might be a little jealous people are liking Maggie more because she totally saved them from the walker invasion, and, well, she’s a better leader. It’s just a matter of time before she’s elected president. Meanwhile, Sasha is trying to protect Maggie by not telling her she has plans to go kill Negan, but Enid spots it. She tells Sasha she isn’t the only one who wants to murder that SOB, and boy, she’s got that right. Get in line, Sasha.

Cut to Michonne, holding a gun to the Savior’s head as they drive to the Sanctuary. The woman won’t answer any of Michonne’s questions, but when they are near the compound, she tells Michonne to just go home, bury the car, and that “there’s a silencer in the glove compartment.” Michonne realizes what she has to do and does indeed turn around.

Back at the lake filled with zombies, Rick and Aaron finally make it across to the houseboat in the middle and load up on some supplies. They also find a note that says something like, “Congrats you think you won, but you still lose” with a drawing of the middle finger. Hmmm. Then, as Aaron and Rick put the supplies in the truck, across the lake, a pair of boots come into view and watches them drive off with the stash. Houseboat owner?

Daryl escapes. He sneaks into a room, eats some peanut butter, and finally takes off that horrible sweatshirt. He makes it outside to the motorcycles, and Fat Joey sees him. He is not going to stop Daryl in any way, but Daryl bludgeons him to death with a crow bar anyway. Oh yeah, Daryl’s had enough. Just then, Jesus shows up, and off they go.

Then there’s Carol, looking cozy in her living room. Morgan has left her a little care package on the porch, and is walking off, but Carol calls him back. It seems Ezekiel is also leaving her food, but she really, honestly wants to be left alone. Suddenly, David, Ezekiel’s man, comes knocking. He implores Carol and Morgan to convince Ezekiel to gather the Kingdom troops to fight Negan and the Saviors. There is a truce between Negan and the Kingdom but we all know how precarious that is. Unfortunately, David is talking to the wrong people. Carol wants no part of it, and Morgan won’t fight. If only knew exactly what has happened to their friends.

Finally, there’s Negan in Alexandria, playing house with Carl, Judith and poor Olivia, who’s barely holding it together. She’s determined to watch Judith, though, like she told Rick she would, and as Tara brings her lemonade for their “family dinner,” she tells Tara she can handle it. Man, Negan really is messing with them. They are trying to wait for Rick, but then Negan gets too hungry to wait.

Spencer comes back from his supply run and makes an impression with the Saviors. He decides he is going to go kiss Negan’s butt and brings over a bottle of scotch. Negan, at first, likes the pampering, but then Spencer starts talking smack about Rick, how he’s not good as a leader, how he is to blame for his family getting killed. Spencer tells Negan he wants to be the leader of Alexandria. Well, that doesn’t sit well with Negan. While the Savior leader knows Rick wants to kill him, he also knows Rick “is swallowing his hate and getting shit done.” Negan doesn’t like cowards, and so he guts Spencer like a pig. Eeek. We’re not that upset Spencer is gone – he was definitely an asshat.

As everyone stands around in shock, Negan asks if someone wants to clean up the mess. This is when Rosita pulls out the gun and shoots her homemade bullet right at Negan. Except, all she hits is Lucille, which really pisses Negan off. He sees that the bullet was homemade and likes her ingenuity, but he doesn’t believe her when she says she made it. He asks again, but Rosita still won’t give it up, so Negan informs one of his people to kill somebody, and a Savior turns and shoots Olivia in the head. That’s a shame.

Rick, who has returned with Aaron, shows up right then, and Negan gives him the lowdown on the past 12 hours or so. How Carl and Rosita tried to kill him, how Spencer tried to usurp Rick’s leadership, and how Negan took care of it. The main thing Negan wants to know is who made the bullet. Just as Tara claims it was her, Eugene finally steps forward. Negan says he’s going to take Eugene with him (probably so Eugene can make more bullets), but he vows to return.

Later, Michonne finds Rick. She tells him she found what she was looking for. The Saviors completely outnumbered them, but she also knows they are still standing. They have survived through all of this. “What do we do with that?” she asks. She says they must fight these bad people but only if they do it together. Thing is, Rick is already there. After seeing how everyone was trying to go rogue and kill Negan on their own, he gets they have to do this together. “I know that now.” Then, he and Michonne kiss.

As it began, we cut to Maggie at Hilltop, staring out in the lookout tower. She looks out and starts to smile. They open the door and there’s Rick, Michonne, Sasha, Tara and the rest. Daryl and Jesus are there, too, and Daryl and Rick share a heartfelt hug. They are all together. Now, let’s go get ‘em.

Oh, and as a kicker tease at the very end, we see those same muddy boots from the lake, spying on Gabriel in the watch tower at Alexandria. Friend or foe? We shall see.