Amber Heard Pens Letter to Domestic Abuse Survivors

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Amber Heard Accuses Johnny Depp of Being Shady
Amber Heard is not happy with how Johnny Depp is proceeding with their divorce settlement.

Amber Heard wrote a powerful letter addressed to her “silent sisters” of domestic abuse.

The actress, who is currently finalizing her divorce settlement with Johnny Depp, opened up about the stigma associated with coming forward as a domestic abuse survivor. She also revealed why she resents being labeled a victim.

The letter, published in the December issue of Porter magazine, doesn’t specifically mention her soon-to-be ex-husband; however, it does indirectly address how unfair she feels she was treated after she came forward with domestic violence allegations against Depp.

“Let’s start with the truth — the cold, hard truth. When a woman comes forward to speak out about injustice or her suffering, instead of aid, respect and support, she will be met with hostility, skepticism and shame,” Heard, 30, wrote.

“It’s no wonder so many of us feel we have to keep quiet or risk our own safety to try to maintain our dignity by quietly enduring,” she added.

Read the full letter (via TMZ) here.