Andrew Lloyd Webber Claims to Have Discovered Rihanna When She Was a Teen

Andrew Lloyd Webber paid a visit to Good Morning Britain today (Dec. 13, 2016) to promote his new musical, School of Rock. While there, he happened to mention that years ago, he saw a very young Rihanna perform during a visit to Barbados.

“I saw her, she was singing with a sort of karaoke band at a hotel I was staying at, Sandy Lane in Barbados. She was singing there — this must have been about 12 years ago.”

Lloyd Webber even revealed that he considered taking her back to Britain to showcase her talents on the London stage.

“I remember talking to Nigel Wright, who’s sort of my music guy, and we were having a drink. We thought she’s very, very good. I said to Nigel, ‘If we bring her back, you know it’s like when you see a picture when you’re away and you take it home and you think why did I buy that?’ I said, ‘Nigel, we’ll get her back, it’ll be fine, but then what do we do?’”

Here’s the clip:

What might have been…

Now, here’s the real question: When are these two going to work together?!