Here’s Hilary Duff’s Photo That Has Followers in an Uproar 

Yesterday (Dec. 12, 2016), Hilary Duff took her four-year-old son Luca to Disneyland for a day of mother-and-son bonding. Sounds average enough, right? That is until the Younger star shared a photo of herself kissing her son on the mouth. Ever since, the image and the actress have come under fire.

“You should not kiss your son like that. There’s other ways to show love but not that one. It’s confusing for him, it’s not healthy,” one commenter wrote.

This is the second time in recent months that Duff has found herself at the center of a scandal. In October, she and now-ex-boyfriend Jason Walsh felt a swift backlash when they dressed as a pilgrim and a Native American for Halloween. She quickly apologized afterwards.

This time, however, the 29-year-old fought back against the critics, posting another image containing this response: “For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my four year old is ‘inappropriate’ go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgement.”

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