How Kim Kardashian Feels About Kanye West Meeting with Donald Trump 

This morning, Kanye West paid a visit to Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. Ever since, the Twittersphere has been boiling over with reactions both positive and not-so-positive to the highly publicized chat. Now, sources close to Kim Kardashian are sharing her reaction to the surprising turn of events.

“Kanye respects the idea that Trump was able to speak to a group of people in the country that had been largely forgotten by the media,” Kim’s source told Us Weekly. “He looks at Trump as a celebrity who is able to influence the greatest office in the world, not as a politician.”

After his meeting with Trump, West tweeted that he met with the controversial magnate-turned-politician to “discuss multicultural issues.”

“I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change,” he wrote.

The insider elaborated that West feels “celebrities are more powerful than politicians,” and with the next president having a foot in both worlds, West’s meeting with Trump is, in a sense, acknowledging the imminent future for the U.S.

“Kim knew Kanye was coming on this trip. She’s not surprised by this,” the source revealed. “Kim knew that Kanye supported Trump before this. Kim and Kanye definitely differ on their opinions — obviously, she voted for Hillary.”