Jennifer Lawrence Admits She’s Not the Best Party Guest

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are both known for being hilarious and having absolutely no filter; so the guys over at BBC 1 Radio decided to put their best qualities to the test

Although it’s hard for us to believe, the effusive Jennifer Lawrence says she really isn’t very much fun at parties.

Appearing on The Late Late Show on Tuesday (Dec. 13, 2016) to promote her upcoming space romance Passengers, she admitted to host James Corden, “I get really overwhelmed by the amount of people, then I find two people and I imprison them and I trap them and I’m like ‘It’s you and me.’”

She then told a story on herself. “One year for the Oscars, I think it was the American Hustle year, I juice cleansed and then got really, really wasted. Then something was smokin’ and then I barfed, at Guy Oseary’s house, I vomited. Cheers, Guy!” she laughed.

Lawrence added, “I remember going up to Ellen Page and saying ‘I need to get in my car’ and she was like ‘not my problem.’ And I was like, ‘Take me home, Ellen.’”

Watch the actress try to sell an app to T.J. Miller below!