Lamar Odom Checked Himself into Rehab for Fear His Late Son’s Birthday Might Trigger a Relapse

Lamar Odom Checked Himself Into Rehab
Lamar Odom has admitted himself to a rehab facility.

Lamar Odom reportedly checked into rehab because of the upcoming birthday of his deceased son.

According to TMZ, the NBA star decided to seek treatment last week because he feared he would turn to drugs again around Dec. 15 — his late son, Jayden’s, birthday.

The website reports that Odom started abusing drugs after he lost his son to SIDS in June 2006, just months after he was born, hence why he thought his birthday might trigger another relapse. Also, his divorce from Khloé Kardashian must not be helping matters.

The former Los Angeles Laker, who plans on attending rehab at a San Diego facility for a period of 60 days, is also set to star in his own reality show next year. “The show will be about his life, recovery — all about him,” a source told People.

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