‘Game of Thrones’ Star Lena Headey Is Making More Than $1 Million Per Episode, Claims Her Ex

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Lena Headey is making six figures for every episode of Game of Thrones, according to her former husband.

Peter Loughran, who was married to the actress from 2007 to 2012 and is currently in a legal battle for the custody of their six-year-old sonWylie, is asking Headey to pay for money from his former partner as she’s earning “estimated more than $1 million per episode” for her role as Cersei on the hit HBO series. In court documents obtained by E! News, Loughran argues that Headey should pay $40,000 of his attorney fees and spousal support as he’s currently unemployed.

“I was a hairstylist before marriage,” he says. “Lena urged me to quit my job and travel with her on her work as an actress and take care of our minor son.”

“Lena has a very large income from Game of Thrones and other film projects,” he adds, claiming that the mom-of-two makes “more than $1 million” and has “very large savings in excess of $1 million” in her name. “I have very little money and do not receive support. I cannot afford to pay my attorney, and require [Headey] pay those fees and costs in order to have equal footing in this matter.”

The documents also state that Loughran is receiving $9,000 in child support and lives in a $3,300 rented apartment.

Currently, the former couple’s son is splitting his time between each parent. Headey is also the mother of a one-year-old daughter from another relationship.

While the actress has yet to respond to the claims, The Hollywood Reporter reported in November that the 43-year-old and her “A-tier” co-stars — Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, recently banded together and successfully renegotiated contracts that will pay them each $1.1 million per episode for seven episodes of Season 7 and six episodes of Season 8.

In 2013, Headey said that she had “less than $5 in her bank account” following her divorce from Loughran. At the time, the British star revealed that she was living off credit and awaiting for a $46,000 tax refund from 2011, which her ex was seeking half of, as it was technically be considered as community property from their marriage.

In the new court papers, Loughran claims Headey has already complied with a previous court order to pay him $20,000 in attorney fees. Now, he’s asking for double that amount.

Only time will tell if a Lannister does indeed always pay her debts.