WATCH: Lily Collins Displays Shocking Weight Loss for Role in ‘To the Bone’

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Lily Collins Is Releasing a Personal Memoir
Lily Collins announced that she will release her very own memoir, titled Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me

Lily Collinswent to extremes to play the role of a woman’s struggle with anorexia in the upcoming drama To the Bone.

Based on writer-director Marti Noxon’s real-life experiences, Collins stars as a young artist, who has a tough time with her parents’ divorce and dealing with a difficult stepmother (Carrie Preston). Keanu Reevesstars as the doctor who attempts to get Collins’ character on the right path towards good health.

In a PSA for a World Eating Disorder Action Day event in May, the cast and crew of To the Bone speaks about the “nine truths of eating disorders,” including Collins, who is seen looking severely gaunt in a hospital gown, standing on a scale. Watch above.

Collins told People about her role, “I’m so proud to have been part of such a powerful and inspiring film that I believe has the potential to make a difference and promote open conversation about a topic so often considered too taboo to discuss. The entire shooting experience and collaboration between cast and crew changed my life and opened my eyes in a way I never expected.”

To the Bone is set to appear in competition at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.