Neil Patrick Harris Shares His Kids’ Extravagant Christmas Wish Lists

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Neil Patrick Harris admitted he and husband David Burtka are going to have a “late night” on Christmas Eve.

Harris appeared on The Late Show and shared with host Stephen Colbert the Christmas wish lists he received from his 6-year-old twins, Gideon and Harper.

Harris posted an Instagram pic of Gideon’s list, in which he asked for a bounce house and a “life-sized rocket ship.”

Soooo, Gideon wrote his holiday wish list…

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The dad laughed, “That’s what he’s after. We live in the city, that’s what I said to him. Where are we supposed to put a life-sized rocket?” Harris added Gideon might get a rocket, “It might not be life-sized.”

Then daughter Harper, too, had a “life-sized” request, this time for a dollhouse. Harris explained, “I said, ‘Harper, a life-sized dollhouse for you is just a house. You want me to get a house for you?’ And she said, ‘Yeah.’ What is it with these giant gifts? Where do we put a life-sized dollhouse that’s large enough for you as a person? And she said, ‘On the roof.'”

Watch the interview below!