Here’s Why Patti Smith Flubbed Her Performance Honoring Nobel Prize Winner Bob Dylan 

Earlier this month, Patti Smith performed at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden to honor Bob Dylan, but during the second verse she seemed to have lost her way and asked to start the song over again. Now, in a new essay for The New Yorker, the music icon explains what exactly happened.

“The first verse was passable, a bit shaky, but I was certain I would settle. But instead I was struck with a plethora of emotions, avalanching with such intensity that I was unable to negotiate them,” she wrote.

Smith explained that she hadn’t forgotten the lyrics but instead was overwhelmed by the prestigious gathering and Dylan’s influence in her life.

“From the corner of my eye, I could see the the huge boom stand of the television camera, and all the dignitaries upon the stage and the people beyond,” she shared. “Unaccustomed to such an overwhelming case of nerves, I was unable to continue. I hadn’t forgotten the words that were now a part of me. I was simply unable to draw them out.”

Although Dylan could not attend the ceremony, he has announced that he would be performing in Stockholm in early April.