24 Cheaper Gift Choices from The Goop Gift Guide for Health Nuts

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Find an affordable gift for the health conscious person in your life below!

When shopping for gifts for a person that is into health and fitness, Goop’s annual gift guide has some great ideas. One problem- the cost! The Goop gift guides are notorious for their ridiculously expensive items but, don’t worry, this holiday season you can find similar gifts that won’t break your bank. This particular gift guide, The Health Nut Gift Guide, is surprisingly not as high priced as the rest but, there are a few insane items thrown in there for good measure. Such as a $1,500 water rowing machine and a $700 juicer. Who has space for a water rowing machine in there normal sized living space? The more important question is who wants to spend $1,500 on one? Most of these health nut gift ideas are good but we can find them for cheaper, check them out below!


Juicing has grown more popular in the health conscious community recently with the juice cleanses and detoxes being introduced to the market. Some people would rather make their own juice instead of buying it and that is a more cost effective way of juicing. This years health nut guide features a juicer that costs $700. Juicers are admittedly an investment but, they are not usually that expensive. You can find a much cheaper juicer or even  a blender if you want to make smoothies instead. Take a look at the eight below.

Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats are important because they give you comfort when you are stretching or practicing yoga against a hard surface. On the other hand, they also catch the sweat that falls off of you. So, to pay $75 for a mat that essentially collects sweat is not ideal. You can still protect yourself from the hard floor for less money. Check out these nine yoga mats that are under $40 below.

Stress Balls

Managing your stress levels is a key component in maintaining good health. A stress ball is a good addition to this health conscious list however, $42 for a three inch ball is a stretch (and not the good kind). There are stress balls on the market for a fraction of the price of the ball on the goop guide. Although the goop guide stress ball is shaped like a moon face which helps it stand out from other stress balls, don’t get trapped. $42 is still a lot of money for a ball. Besides, the two stress balls below have cool designs and graphics as well.

Body Oils

The use of body oils are another effective way to keep your stress levels down. Body oils combine different essential oils that have specific purposes like calming, energizing or moisturizing. You can pick out an oil that suits your specific needs. You can also get an oil that is more reasonably priced than the oil priced at $48. Here are five options to choose from.

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