Tracey Gold and Kirk Cameron Remember Alan Thicke

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Alan Thicke passed away suddenly at the age of 69 on Tuesday (Dec. 13, 2016). The actors who played his children on the hit sitcom Growing Pains took the time to share their memories.

In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Tracey Gold said she was honored to play his daughter for seven years.

“I am in absolute shock and so unbelievably sad,” Gold said. “In 1985, the Seavers became a family and Alan was our patriarch. I looked up to Alan and admired him greatly. I always listened to his advice and wisdom. He was so kind and warm and always made me laugh. He was incredibly proud that our Growing Pains days were about family, all our families.”

Gold also said that Thicke was an amazing father and that his sons were his world. “I love you Alan and will miss you forever,” she concluded.

Kirk Cameron, who played Mike Seaver on the show, also shared his memory of working with Thicke, according to Today.

“I remember thinking… ‘Wow, this famous Canadian talk show host guy sounds different when he says words like “about” and “aye,” but he’s really nice and funny, and seems like he’s going to be a really cool dad,” Cameron said. “We were a family. We laughed and cried together, shared birthday celebrations, Christmas parties, holidays and worked together with the crew as a team to make a really special TV show.”

Cameron says the cast was a real family and that Thicke was “just like a good dad” to him. “He was always available on set and off to talk with me, to listen and understand, to give advice, calm my teenage nerves and even share my excitement when something great happened,” he said.