Celebuzz’s Picks for the Best New Shows of 2016

The Most Buzzworthy Films of 2016
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Every year, dozens and dozens of new shows get the green light but very few show staying power. This year saw the arrival of more off-the-beaten-path humor like FX’s Atlanta, some nods to favorites of another era such as MacGyver and Lethal Weapon, not to mention Netflix’s new historical drama The Crown, which reportedly took $130 million to produce.

But, just like in Vegas, sometimes big risks yield big rewards, because between the astounding visuals and gigantic cast, The Crown was a shoe-in for our roundup of this year’s most-watchable new shows. Here’s what else made the cut…


Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s new comedy offers equal parts scathing British humor and disarming vulnerability. But somewhere between the unrepentant one-liners and relationship horror stories is an endearing woman’s story that stays with you.

The Good Place

Kristen Bell and Ted Danson shine in NBC’s new playful glimpse at the afterlife where, despite having kicked the bucket, folks are still striving to honor their best intentions. Bell plays a new arrival who finds herself at “the good place” due to a case of mistaken identity. Naturally, hilarity ensues.


Based on Issa Rae’s hit web series Awkward Black Girl, HBO’s new comedy takes viewers on a comedic ride while also turning its focus on social and racial issues that desperately need to be discussed in America.


HBO went big with this sci-fi outing featuring a mysterious premise that mixes old and new and asks some big, tough questions.But with a feverish fandom eagerly awaiting a second season, the ambition of this endeavor returned big dividends, for the channel and fans.


Both timely and outlandish, Donald Glover’s new series exploring the Atlanta rap scene offers viewers a fresh alternative to the insulated comedies of yesteryear. Somehow the show walks the line between dark, atmospheric tones and fresh, energetic humor.

This Is Us

This might be the new family drama that everyone you know will be obsessed with (if they aren’t already). Both tragic and stirring, This Is Us is filled with at-once lovable characters grappling with something disarmingly old-fashioned in 2016: The search for meaning in the jumble of life.

Queen Sugar

Based on Natalie Baszile’s novel of the same name, this new OWN drama follows three African-American siblings struggling to build lives in the Deep South. The show succeeds with audiences for its earnest and unflinching look at the way America’s cultural landscape is shifting while also stopping to appreciate the beauty of the bayou.

Luke Cage

What they began with Daredevil, and improved upon with Jessica Jones, they sent right out of the park with this addition to the Netflix/Marvel marriage, which has already turned out to be highly successful. Everything from the music to the casting makes this wild ride in Harlem addictive.

The Crown

Not all that interest in what Queen Elizabeth II was like when she first took the throne? This new lavish series will have you singing a different tune. Sure, they spent a bundle on this thing, but for once, you can actually see that money at work. And the effect is pretty incredible.


We’ve all seen loads of courtroom shows and a newsroom dramas, but how about a bit of both? Julia George is a news producer and Jake Gregorian is a high-profile attorney and these two will do just about anything to win. Piper Perabo and Daniel Sunjata have a lot to do with this show’s success, firing endless barby quips at each other as they decide what jurors and viewers should care about.

High Maintenance

Like Insecure, this one-time web series has found a new home at HBO. The show follows a marijuana deliveryman in New York and his wild and ridiculous exchanges with customers. Each episode is somewhere between five and 12 minutes, making for short yet refreshingly human moments.


This new Fox show follows Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury), the first female player in Major League Baseball. As you can imagine, her arrival in the locker room leads to countless issues that the show thoughtfully discusses including misogyny, romantic relationships and even a nude photos scandal. The show is innovative while staying relatable. Hopefully there’s plenty of pitches to come.