WATCH: Billy Bush Awkwardly Dodges Questions About Donald Trump

Billy Bush has been taking time away from the spotlight ever since an audio recording of him and Donald Trump engaging in “locker room talk” — or essentially boasting about sexually assaulting womenleaked online during the 2016 presidential election. Now that Trump is heading to the White House, does that mean Bush will resume his work in television?

Maybe not. In a new impromptu interview with TMZ, the former Today show host awkwardly dodges questions about his future. While waiting for his car at the valet stand after having lunch at Spago, a well-known restaurant in Los Angeles where the paparazzi often frequent to snap pictures of its famous patrons, the 45-year-old is seen trying to avoid the cameras.

Remaining quiet when the cameraman starts to hurl questions about the President-elect of the United States, the elections, and Trump’s picks for the cabinet, Bush eventually breaks down with a vague answer about the state of the country today. Fair warning: the whole exchange is quite cringe-worthy.

“You love America, right?” Bush quips in the clip. “You gotta love America.”

Despite his hesitation to be on camera, Bush is presumed to be planning a return to television. As previously report, the TV host was rumored to have been approached by the hard-right leaning website Breitbart News for a gig.