WATCH: Blake Shelton Admits to Taking Gwen Stefani on ‘Bachelor’-Style Helicopter Rides 

Yesterday (Dec. 15, 2016), Blake Shelton paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show to discuss how he’s transitioning from living in the wide-open spaces of Oklahoma to the bustle of L.A. The singer also lamented on just how ridiculous traffic gets in the city, while also revealing how he likes to get around back in his home state.

My girlfriend lives here, so that makes it more appealing,” Shelton gushed about his relationship with Gwen Stefani. “The fact remains that the house is, I don’t know, about two miles from here and it took, I don’t know, about three hours to get here, so that sucks for anybody.”

That when’s the talk-show host asked him about the helicopter he’s got back in Oklahoma that he reportedly likes to ride around in.

“Do you take Gwen on, like, Bachelor-style helicopter dates?” Kimmel asked.

“We do, we do,” Shelton confirmed after some hesitation. “We actually, we use that thing a lot. It gets more use than you would think.”

But, the 40-year-old performer admitted that he enlists a pilot when he and Gwen decide to take a romantic excursion in the sky.

“I don’t fly it, I don’t know how to fly it… In order to fly it, you need to be drinking, I think,” Shelton playfully stated. “In order to settle in and really be, you know, enjoying it you gotta have some drinks. And you shouldn’t be flying…everybody knows you shouldn’t be drinking and flying.”

Check out the chat in the clip above.