Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Answer Every Question You’ve Ever Googled About Them

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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are on a mission to get you to watch their new film Passengers and they will stop at nothing to promote it, including answering all of the insane questions you’ve ever asked Google about them.

Pratt and Lawrence sat down for an “Autocomplete” interview with Wired and answered all of the most common internet search questions about themselves. Lawrence kicked things off, answering whether or not she’s a natural blonde, “Are any of we?” she quipped before adding, “I mean, yeah,  I’m a blonde, not this blonde, but, you know, technically blonde.”

Internet users also wanted to know if Lawrence is as good at archery as her Hunger Games character Katniss and if she is Hispanic, questions to which she answered yes and no, respectively.

When it was Pratt’s turn, he joked that he is most known for “primarily, a film called Passengers.” “It’s the best movie in history,” Lawrence interrupted before Pratt added, “In the history of movies.”

The most surprising question of the bunch? “Is Chris Pratt dead?” “Only on the inside” Pratt said, deadpan.

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