Prince Michael Jackson Opens Up About How His Dad Inspired His Charitable Work

Prince Michael Jackson Says His Father Cautioned Him Not to Trust Just Anyone
Prince Jackson shared advice his father, Michael Jackson, shared with him.

Prince Michael Jackson credits his father Michael Jackson for providing him with inspiration and motivation to help others.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight at Heal Los Angeles’ Boys & Girls Club Christmas event on Thursday (Dec. 15, 2016), Prince discussed his Heal the World student organization, which helps underprivileged children and is modeled after Michael’s famed Heal The World Foundation.

“I would love to see this as the ripple that goes to other schools and to other states and to hopefully other countries,” Prince explained. “Our generation, they focus on the wrong things, like, ‘Who’s wearing what? Who’s doing what? Who’s vacationing where?’ There are real problems going on in the world that can be helped not by powerful people but by everyday people who just go in and devote their time.”

Prince said that the way that his father raised him contributed to his drive to make other children happy. “When I was younger my dad always told me about how Disney was such a happy place and I grew up on the cartoons. And I remember [watching] Mickey Mouse and all of [the cartoon characters] and how happy I would feel and I know that was because of my dad,” he recalled. “It’s good to know that I’m doing that for the kids.”

The 19-year-old said he “hopes to lead by example, not just for my siblings or my family members but also for the younger generations,” adding, “I have a great sense of loyalty and devotion to my family … They inspire me and I hope I inspire them.”