WATCH: This Fabulous Woman of Age in Fergie’s ‘Life Goes On’ Music Video Will Give You Life

As always, Fergie’s talented voice and natural beauty shine through in her new music video for “Life Goes On,” but one guest star effortless steals the show with her hoop earrings and chic glasses.

Of the song itself, Fergie told People that the encouraging nature of its lyrics was her artistic response to devastating events that are happening in the world. “It just felt like the world needs healing, needs a pep talk, and this song was kind of pep talk to myself — from myself, to myself, kind of speaking in the mirror,” she said.

Look no further for a little bit of pep than this woman right here, who is arguably the flyest chick in the game:

CREDIT: YouTube/Fergie


CREDIT: YouTube/Fergie

Watch the new music video below.