Michael Sheen Quits Acting for Politics

Actor Michael Sheen announced that he’s leaving Hollywood behind and returning to England. His reason? He wants to fight the far-right, according to People.

“In the same way the Nazis had to be stopped in Germany in the ’30s, this thing that is on the rise has to be stopped,” the actor said.

Sheen says the Brexit decision and the United States’ election of Donald Trump made him feel a “massive urgency” about the world’s political climate. Although, this isn’t the first time he’s dabbled in political issues. After appearing in the National Theatre of Wales’s production of The Passion, Sheen was inspired to get involved in community organizations. This recent decision, he says, is a “natural progression.”

Sheen doesn’t know how this decision will affect his relationship with comedian Sarah Silverman. The actor says he’s unsure if their relationship will survive the move.

The couple was recently seen together at the premiere of Passengers, in which Sheen stars alongside Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Given this news, it may be his last film. Check out the gallery above for photos of Sheen and Silverman from the event.