48 Cheaper Dupes for Goop’s Ridiculous, But Awesome Gift Guide

Shop ridiculous gifts that are both awesome and affordable below!

Goop has published their annual gift guides and one of them is The Ridiculous, But Awesome Gift Guide.  The name of this guide is extremely fitting because it lists interesting gifts, but the prices are insane. They should probably give all of their gift guides this title since they are all pretty unreasonably priced. Fortunately for the average shopper, we found more affordable versions of the gifts on these annual gift guides to help you save some money this holiday season. Gifts like a $2,500 menorah, $2,295 personal sauna and a $395 porcelain banana holder are a few of the gifts that Goop is suggesting you give to your loved ones. C’mon, who has a personal sauna in there home besides someone as rich as Gwyneth Paltrow? The other gift suggestions are actually very practical, but get ridiculous when it comes to the pricing. We have got some cheaper versions of some of these ridiculous, but awesome gifts below, check them out!


Vases are the perfect gift for the person in your life with a green thumb (or two). Goop has reasonably included a vase in their gift guide, but they completely ruined it by choosing a vase that has the price of $5,000. You can depot your flowers, succulents, and more plants into vases that are unique and aesthetically pleasing while still being affordable. Check out the twelve vases below.

Oral Care

If any item on this goop gift guide is a ridiculous gift, it is the $120 toothpaste- hands down. The featured toothpaste is supposed to whiten, strengthen, harden and rebuild enamel while being safe for sensitive teeth. There is definitely dramatically cheaper toothpaste on the market that claim to function in the same ways. There is even whitening kits that are more affordable that this single tube of toothpaste. So, if gifting toothpaste seems like a good idea to you (and not offensive or ridiculous at all), take a look at the eight cheaper options below.


For the environmentally conscious commuter or any health conscious person you know, gifting them a bike would be very practical. Having said that, practicality is gone when you are expected to spend $2,995 on a leather bicycle. The leather material supposed to give this bike a retro look as a means for fashionable transportation. Yet, you can ride around in style for so much less. Check out these four bikes.


There is a $510 Alexander McQueen umbrella and of course, Goop has it on their guide. It is a cool umbrella that is large, black with gold details, and has a wooden skull for a handle. Yet, the chances of that umbrella being flipped inside out and destroyed by the wind or an intense rain storm are still high. With the price of $510, it needs rain every second of every day as opposed to a couple times per season in order for you to get your money’s worth.  You can get your money’s worth by opting for a more affordable umbrella that is just as cool in design. Consider these twelve umbrellas.


When searching for a gift for any man in your life, grooming is always a topic to think about. Men can never have enough tools to control the hair they are constantly growing. Goop features a razor on this ridiculous, but awesome gift guide and to make sure it was ridiculous, the razor they picked costs $2,500. Find a grooming kit or set of razor below that costs a fraction of price of the razor featured on the goop guide.


No one likes to clean up for the holidays or clean in general. A great gift to combat this dislike yet still have your home look its best, is a vacuum. This goop guide has a vacuum shown that is priced at $1,000. There are plenty self cleaning vacuums that clean up your mess and your home that are much more affordable. Even regular vacuums are easier cleaning options than the usual broom or mop. Here are four options to consider.

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