WATCH: Alec Baldwin Returns as Donald Trump on ‘SNL,’ Mocks Meeting with Kanye West

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Donald Trump Declares 'Vanity Fair' Is 'Dead'
President-elect Donald Trump went on yet another Twitter rant this morning and this time his target was none other than Vanity Fair

He’s back! After taking a short break from playing President-elect Donald TrumpAlec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live on Saturday (Dec. 17, 2016) and provided much needed laughs.

This time, the SNL cold opening mocked the latest in the Trump-sphere, including his ties to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the hacking, etc. And naturally pokes fun at Trump’s recent meeting with Kanye West.

SNL player Beck Bennet as Putin comes down Trump’s chimney bearing gifts, and the love fest begins. “You’re the perfect candidate,” Putin tells Trump. “The Manchurian candidate.”

Putin gives Trump an Elf on a Shelf, which has an electric eye and weirdly beeps. “It’s fun,” Putin adds “You just put it right here next to your internet router and you keep it there all year. It’s fun, yeah?” Get it?

Then John Goodman makes a cameo as Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerson, and he and Putin start gleefully talking about military operations. Trump chimes in, “And then we destroy Vanity Fair, right?” Tillerson smiles, “Sure buddy, sure.”

Oh, and Trump brags about that meeting with West. “Speaking of black and crude, I know Kanye,” Trump says. “He came here, he’s using my colorist now. He just says whatever he feels. He’s like me but a black.” Watch the hilarity above!

Casey Affleck hosted the show, with Chance the Rapper as the musical guest. Click here for more highlights!