WATCH: Ryan Gosling Hunts for Answers in the Teaser Trailer for ‘Blade Runner 2049’ 

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After over a year of hype for the sequel to the 1982 film Blade Runner, the first teaser trailer has finally arrived offering a fittingly bleak future and a hostile encounter between Harrison Ford’s character Rick Deckard and Officer K, played by Ryan Gosling.

“Replicants are like any other machine — they’re either a benefit or a hazard,” Ford explains in a voice-over as Gosling makes his way through a deserted, industrial Los Angeles. “If they’re a benefit, it’s not my problem.”

Eventually, the La La Land star arrives in an enormous, seemingly abandoned building where he comes face-to-face with Deckard, who has him at gunpoint.

The new film follows Officer K as he discovers a troubling secret with the potential to exacerbate the already dire condition of society. To get answers, Officer K seeks out Deckard who has been missing for decades.

Blade Runner 2049 arrives in theaters on Oct. 6, 2017.

Check out the teaser above.