Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Who She Can’t Live Without

In Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming film Passengers, her character Aurora leaves earth and all of her friends and family behind to experience life on a different planet for 120 years.

While Lawrence finds her character’s decision admirable, she doesn’t think she could do the same thing. Lawrence sat down with Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan to talk about the film and confessed that life on earth right now is a little too good to give up. “I mean, as things are right now, I can’t see, like, just saying goodbye to everyone I know and love and just peacing out,” she said before adding, “I think the journey sounds amazing. If I could bring people, maybe I would.”

And exactly who would Lawrence bring with her if she had the chance? Her beloved dog, Pippi. “She’s not a person,” Lawrence said, “but I couldn’t leave without Pippi.”

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