Azealia Banks Attacks Nicki Minaj in Bizarre Facebook Rant

Once Azealia Banks feels slighted, there’s nothing much you can do to subdue her rage.

Her latest rage filled rant was directed at none other than Nicki Minaj, who the performer slammed on Facebook without much explanation. In a now deleted post, Banks tells the rapper not to “start throwing shade” just because she recently recorded a self-described “BANGER” with Minaj’s ex, Saferee.

“Don’t get mad, get even. Slim down a bit (especially in your neck and arms). Decrease the butt just a bit (I’ve seen your butt make some really expensive dresses look really cheap) and STOP WEARING SPANDEX AS AN OUTFIT FOR FUCKS SAKE,” she wrote. “Also, stop calling yourself the queen of rap. Queens don’t wear spandex sweety. Marketing genius yes, but your cheap made in China perfume smells like a car freshener and your beverage taste like kitchen cleaner.”

Banks then proceeded to compare Minaj’s music to McDonald’s food writing, “McDonald’s sells a lot of burgers but no one is telling McDonald’s that they’re the pinnacle of cuisine and taste. This is true to you.”

#AzealiaBanks has a message for #NickiMinaj 👀 #PostAndDelete

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After a few hours, Banks deleted the post, explaining, “Deleting posts as I am not the same person I was two hours ago. LOL.” Banks then updated her Facebook status eight more times, first telling her followers she hopes “you Lot got your screenshots,” then confessing she went to the ER last night, followed by an update saying she planned to “fart in a jar and put it in the freezer.”

Fans are now saying, the rant was caused by what Banks believed to be a diss about the performer in Minaj’s new app.

Minaj has yet to reply to the rant.