Jennifer Lawrence Shades Unnamed Celebrities on ‘Watch What Happens Live’

During an appearance on Watch What Happens LiveJennifer Lawrence and her best friend Laura Simpson let us all in on a little secret.

The game started out simply enough. Host Andy Cohen asked Simpson a few questions about her best friend, hoping some dirt would come out. Questions ranged from Lawrence’s worst diva moments (she doesn’t have many) to her celebrity crush (Larry David).

Things got interesting when Cohen asked Simpson what the meanest thing Lawrence has said about a celebrity. After mentioning that there’s one person they both “collectively loathe,” in the words of Lawrence, Simpson revealed that they have nicknames for certain stars.

“There’s The Lady, there’s Pickle. Wait, who else do we have?” Simpson said.

Lawrence clarified that “The Lady” has a few different variations, including “The Raging Lady,” The Lady in Red” and “The Lady in Waiting.” Hmm… Who could “The Raging Lady” be? Watch the video above for the full game.

During another game, according to E! Online, Lawrence kept quiet when asked about her love life. During a game of “Plead the Fifth,” she elected to, well, plead the Fifth when Cohen asked who her best kiss of 2016 was with. E! points out that Lawrence likely didn’t want to talk about her boyfriend, director Darren Aronofsky, on TV.

Later, when Cohen asked if Lawrence had a boyfriend (um… does he read Celebuzz?), Lawrence blushed and said nothing.