Can We Please Take a Second to Talk About Keke Palmer’s Leonardo DiCaprio Pants?

Keke Palmer Refuses to Define Her Sexuality
"I don't have to be stuck down to one label."

Keke Palmer is a huge fan of ’90s Leonardo DiCaprio. Like, a really huge fan.

The Scream Queens star recently stepped up her fashion game and brought us all back to the days of Romeo + Juliet when she rocked a latex number covered with various photos of the Oscar winner back when he didn’t have his infamous dad bod. Looking like something from the inside of our middle school lockers, Palmer’s pants turned heads as the actress stepped out in New York City.

If Palmer’s love of DiCaprio wasn’t obvious enough, her top, which read “Capulet” as a reference the character the actor played in the Baz Luhrmann flick, definitely put her in the Team Leo category.

That same week, Palmer was seen wearing a denim bikini top bearing DiCaprio’s visage on one boob and a rose — another nod to Romeo + Juliet — on the other. She paired the throwback look with a fuzzy baby blue mini skirt and matching fur coat.

Basically, it was everything you loved in the ’90s combined into one outfit.