Tennis Champ Petra Kvitová Hurt by Knife-Wielding Attacker at Her Home 

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You'll never guess who was able to save him.

Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitová was attacked at her home by a man wielding a knife, injuring her left hand.

According to the BBC, Kvitová immediately underwent four grueling hours of surgery to repair tendons and muscles in her vital playing hand. She will not play tennis for at least three months in order to recover.

Per a statement from Kvitová’s spokesperson, “the surgery went well” and the incident is believed to be the result of a “burglary.”

“In my attempt to defend myself, I was badly injured on my left hand. I am shaken, but fortunate to be alive. The injury is severe and I will need to see specialists, but if you know anything about me I am strong and I will fight this,” Kvitová tweeted. “Thank you all again for your love and support.”



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