Outfit Ideas to Ring in the New Year in With Style

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New Years
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Bring in the New Year with style with these outfit ideas below!

New Year’s Eve is definitely one of the most exciting holidays. This holiday brings in a new start, a brand new year filled with hope and happiness (after 2016, we really need it). Everyone is happy, excited and full of energy during New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. It is a very extravagant holiday, people watch fireworks, dress up in glitter, sparkles and jewels and throw confetti. If you celebrate this day by going out partying, watching the ball drop or even staying at home banging some pots and shaking some noise makers, there is an outfit for you. Step into 2017 fashionably, regardless of how you are celebrating with the outfit suggestions below.


If you are going to a party or just want to play into the glamorous side of New Year’s Eve, anything sparkly is a great choice. You can wear a sequin dress or top to really go all out with glamour. Other metallic materials will give you that same glamour and sparkle but it won’t be as chunky as the sequins. You can balance out your sparkly tops with a solid color jeans or skirt. Here are nine sparkly options for you to choose from.


You can still be glamorous during the New Year without the sparkles. If you think sparkles are excessive, satin might be the next best thing. The satin material gives off a subtle sheen that is less flashy than sequin and metallics but, just is as captivating. You can wear a satin dress to follow the popular slip dress trend or just wear a satin top to give your outfit a classy look. Check out these six satin options.


Sweaters are perfect for the home body that just likes to watch the ball drop from their television screen or the people that are keeping their New Year’s Eve celebration pretty casual and relaxed. During the colder seasons, sweaters are acceptable for all occasions. To make your outfit look dressy yet still cozy, try to find sweaters with textures and designs that are different than your average crewneck sweater. Although you can pretty much wear whatever color you want on New Year’s Eve, sparkles, gold, and silver are very popular. To stay in that same color family, try picking sweaters that are gray, cream, or tan. Check out the eight sweaters below.

Cozy dresses

To further the comfort, ditch the pants! Sweaters are very comfortable to wear so, sweater dresses undoubtedly even more comfortable. They also look more dressy than a regular sweater, ready for any New Year’s Eve events. If you need to stay warm, sweater dresses can be worn with leggings or tights. Take a look at these nine sweater dresses.


Your bottoms can make just as much of a statement as your top. You can reverse any of the previously mentioned outfit ideas. Instead of making your bottoms plain or solid colored, you can make your tops function as the balance in your outfit. There are skirts made of sweater material that you can wear by themselves or wear with along your sweaters for a coordinated look. There are also sparkly, shiny, and dressy bottoms to let your legs be the star of the show. Check out the eight bottom options below.

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