Helen Mirren: ‘2016 Has Been a Big Pile of Sh*t’ 

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This week, Helen Mirren and Will Smith paid a visit to Graham Norton’s talk show to discuss their soon-to-be released drama Collateral Beauty. During their chat, Norton asked the beloved British actress if she wouldn’t mind doing a mock Christmas address, much like Queen Elizabeth II’s annual speech. Mirren obliged and said what just about everyone is thinking.

“Hello, at this time of celebration and togetherness we have a chance to reflect on the year gone by,” she stated in her most monarchial tone. “And I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a big pile of shit.”

The Eye in the Sky actress went on to encourage those listening to make the most of the yuletide season despite the god-awful year, while also tossing in a harmless plug, because television.

“So my advice to you is drink responsibly and be merry. Have a very merry Christmas, but above all, go see Collateral Beauty, out on Boxing Day.”

Here’s the amazing segment: