You’ll Never Guess What Farrah Abraham Got Her 7-Year-Old Daughter for Christmas

Farrah Abraham went all out of the holidays this year, showering her daughter Sophia with extravagant gifts that your average 7-year-old wouldn’t normally find under the tree. Adhering to a lengthy wish list, the Teen Mom OG proudly proclaimed that she fulfilled all of her daughter’s requests — including the one about a miniature horse.

PressRoomVIP reports:

In between sexy photoshoots in Christmas clothing, Farrah was busy preparing her house for the holiday complete with gifts for her only child. But, like those other moms, she couldn’t just get a few little toys from her daughter’s list, and the list itself had more than just toys on it. Did this child actually write these big ticket items on her list, or did mom just want them for herself?

Farrah confidently said, “On her wish list was a jacuzzi, golf cart, her Apple computer that she wanted, and a miniature horse. So it’s been a lot to prep for each gift. As a mom, I checked off all of that and some stuff from her store.”

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