Ryan Seacrest Weighs In on Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Performance

Ryan Seacrest addressed Mariah Carey’s performance that went awry on New Year’s Eve during Thursday’s episode of On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

While Carey’s manager claimed that Dick Clark Productions “sabotaged” the Elusive Chanteuse, Seacrest points out that the mechanics behind a live TV production are more complicated than they appear. “It is difficult to perform in Times Square,” said Seacrest on is 102.7 KIIS-FM show. “[Carey] knows what Times Square is about. It’s complicated. Imagine every single TV outlet in the world was there. So, there’s all kinds of technical things going on.”

Seacrest stood behind the show’s crew members and Dick Clark Productions. “I know this team of producers. I’ve known these guys for years. I knew Dick Clark very, very well,” added Seacrest. “This is a team that wants to do everything they can to accommodate any artist. They and we are in the business of wanting people to look good!”

“Believe me, tricky things, tough things that can happen, happen on live television. It’s just unfortunate that it comes to all of this, because it’s a night of celebration and a night of fun.”

Carey spoke out about her performance on New Year’s Eve in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “My true fans have been so supportive and I am so appreciative of them and everybody in the media that came out to support me after the fact because it really was an incredible holiday season that turned into a horrible New Year’s Eve,” she said.

Carey’s ex-husband Tommy Mottola wrote an open letter to Page Six in which he says that “MC is arguably the greatest pop voice to come along in the last three decades.”

“She has had more number one hits than any pop artist in history!!! She is a global icon and a treasure with incredible talent not only as a singer but as a great songwriter,” the former head of Sony continued. “What happened on NYE could’ve happened to anyone! Yes, her technical people should’ve helped pay more attention to all of it so that there was no chance of that happening … My only advice is that she should hire more seasoned and respected professionals to surround her and help her with her career!”

Stella Bulochnikov, Carey’s manager, said in response to the letter, “Really? Tommy is a relic. Did he give you that statement from a rotary phone?” She also shed light on a “secret project” that Carey has in the works following Season 1 of Mariah’s World. “We do have a scripted drama that we are developing that has not been announced about Mariah’s life that’s going to be incredibly poignant,” Bulochnikov told ET.