Ed Sheeran Releases New Taylor-Swift Approved Music, Discusses His ‘Little Drug Dealer Phone’

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Ed Sheeran released his first batch of music in over a year and it already has Taylor Swift‘s seal of approval.

Sheeran dropped off two new singles called “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” on Friday (Jan. 6, 2017) after he teased his return to music at the end of December. “Shape of You” contains lyrics that Sheeran shared in the caption of one of his preview videos on Instagram while the opening of “Castle on the Hill” was the soundtrack of this animation that he posted on Thursday. Listen to “Shape of You” at the top of the page and “Castle on the Hill” below.

Later in the day, Sheeran visited BBC’s Radio 1 Breakfast morning show to promote his new singles and said that it feels good to be back in the spotlight. “I did a magazine interview and realized after it that I’d said loads of stuff that was not good to say. And I was like, ‘Should I have media training?’ because I’ve been away for a while.”

During his break from social media, Sheeran even got rid of his smartphone. “I have an addictive personality, you can see from the tattoos. So my New Year’s resolution was to get off social media,” explained Sheeran. “I’ve got one of those little drug dealer phones – untraceable burners. I told [Adele] I got a flip phone and she thought I was taking the mick out of her.”

He said that his friend and collaborator Taylor Swift was supportive of his new music even though it’s in a “different lane” than the records that he’s made prior. “I spoke to [Taylor] yesterday… I just got capital letters on an email saying, ‘OMG so excited for what you’ve got tomorrow,'” said Sheeran, and this was confirmed by her Instagram post on Friday:


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