Here’s What Solange Actually Thinks of Beyoncé as a Big Sister

Who would know Solange better than her own family? For the “Cranes in the Sky” singer’s latest cover story with Interview magazine, the publication aptly enlisted the help of Beyoncé to interview her little sister. Speaking candidly, the two spoke about everything from their childhood upbringing to their musical influences.

When asked about did Bey fare as a sibling, Solange didn’t hold back her opinions.

“You did a kickass job. You were the most patient, loving, wonderful sister ever,” she said. “In the 30 years that we’ve been together, I think we’ve only really, like, butted heads … we can count on one hand.”

Beyoncé remembered, “One of my proudest moments as a sister was when I was able to introduce you to your hero, Nas, and you cried and acted a fool. I was so surprised that Mrs. Too-cool-for-everything was acting a fool.”

CREDIT: Interview Magazine

The two also touched on growing up in Houston, Texas. With parents so heavily involved in their careers at a young age, the sisters admitted that they all helped one another shape the women they’ve become today.

“As far back as I can remember, our mother always taught us to be in control of our voice and our bodies and our work, and she showed us that through her example,” Solange said.

Beyoncé quipped, “I am so glad we grew up in Houston. And I know that it’s such a big inspiration for all of us: you, myself, my mom, my dad … everybody that lives there.”

“Culturally, it was as rich as it gets. People were warm. People were friendly. But the biggest thing that I took from it is the storytelling,” Solange added of their neighborhood. “I feel so happy that I got to grow up in a place where you could be the pastor’s wife, you could be a lawyer, you could be a stripper on the side, you could be a schoolteacher—we saw every kind of woman connect on one common experience, which was that everyone wanted to be great and everyone wanted to do better. And we really became womanist because of that.”

CREDIT: Interview Magazine