Prince William Remembers Being ‘Very Angry’ When Princess Diana Died

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Prince William Honors Princess Diana
He's continuing his late mother's legacy.

For the longest time, Prince William had trouble dealing with Princess Diana‘s death.

According to the British royal, who lost his mother when he was just a teenager, he struggled with his emotions and had difficulties opening up about his feelings following Diana’s passing. While visiting an east London bereavement center with Kate Middleton on Wednesday (Jan. 11, 2017), William spoke candidly about Diana with families there.

Making memory jars in honor of relatives who died, William opened up about dealing with his mother’s death to Lorna Ireland and her 12-year-old son, Shinobi Irons, who was there paying tribute to their own loved ones.

“He told my son that, when his mum died, he was 15 at the time, and he was very angry and found it very difficult to talk about it,” Ireland said of William.

“So it was very important that Shinobi talked to somebody about how he was feeling, even now years on,” she told a royal correspondent. “It was very personal, and it was very special.”

Princess Diana passed away in a car accident in 1997. At the time, William was 15.

Ann Chalmers, the Chief Executive of Child Bereavement U.K., said that William shows “real empathy” for families who lost loved ones because of his “depth of understanding of their situations.”

She added, “He’s also a fantastic listener and really wants to learn from the families what the challenges are that they’re facing, and in that there are some things he can recognize from his own experiences.”