‘American Horror Story’ Renewed for Seasons Eight and Nine

Many changes are on the horizon in the near future, but if one thing’s for sure, it’s that American Horror Story will be here for a little while longer.

It was announced on Thursday (Jan. 12, 2017) that the FX hit has been renewed for another two installments. The limited series was just renewed for Season 7, which will commence this fall, while the renewal accounts for Season 8 and Season 9. This means that AHS is guaranteed to be on our screens through 2019 at the very minimum.

FX CEO John Landgraf said that the theme of Season 7 “will be shrouded in super secrecy” at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Thursday. “Ryan [Murphy] has yet another really innovative idea for how to do something fresh and different with the franchise that audiences haven’t seen before, and there’s a marketing promotional hook around that,” said Landgraf [via Entertainment Weekly].

However, the themes for the seasons beyond Season 7 have not been set in stone quite yet. “Ryan made a commitment that he would continue to run that show and that he would be involved as he has been in the past with… designing and building the show from the ground up,” added Landgraf. “So I honestly couldn’t tell you what seasons 8 or 9 [could] be, but I can only tell you that I’m really excited about season 7 and I’m utterly confident that seasons 8 and 9 will be equally original and interesting.”